Applied Nanotechnology

            Tiny machines...

          lead to a Giant Future

This website serves as a resource for Nanotechnology. It is a compilation of information derived from numerous educational, news, and technological websites.



   - Nanotechnology is the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale. Citation 1

   - Nanotechnology controls matter on an atomic level, modifying its effects to achieve desired results. Citation 2 



Top Ten Products Utilizing Nanotechnology

  1. Stain repellent and wrinkle-resistant threads

  2. High-Performance Ski Wax

  3. Deep penetrating skin care

  4. OLED Digital Camera

  5. High performing sun-glasses

  6. Smart motorcycle visor

  7. Nano-socks

  8. Nanocrystalline sunscreen

  9. High-tech tennis rackets

  10. High-tech tennis balls  

Citation 3


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